The History of Burhaniye Chamber of Commerce (Burhaniye Ticaret Odası Tarihi)

The Burhaniye Chamber of Commerce commenced operations in 1924 following the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, initiated by Hacı Talibey, Hacı Ali Bey, Hafız Rıfat Efendi, Müdüroğlu İsmail Bey, and Benderli Hüseyin Efendi.

The primary aim of its establishment was to unite the merchants in the region to support economic development and provide various services to its members.

Initially operating with a limited number of members, the Burhaniye Chamber of Commerce has expanded its membership and service range over the years. The chamber has played a significant role in the economic development of Burhaniye, undertaking numerous projects such as the Foreign Trade Intelligence Center to promote and market local products like olive oil. The geographic indication registration of Burhaniye Olive Oil, in particular, has been a significant step in enhancing the economic value of the region. In 2021, it established a laboratory to ensure the quality control of food products, especially olive oil. Supported by the Southern Marmara Development Agency, the Sensory and Chemical Analysis Laboratory aims to improve product quality by offering analysis services to local producers for olive oil, aromatic plants, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and meat products.

The chamber provides various services to its members, including training, participation in fairs, government supports, and credit opportunities. Additionally, the Burhaniye Chamber of Commerce, which holds ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10002:2014 quality management system certificates, successfully passed the 'TOBB Accreditation System Audit' and has been serving its members as a 5-star accredited chamber since 2015, offering high-quality services.

In recent years, the Burhaniye Chamber of Commerce has also played an active role in regional tourism development projects (such as artificial and natural reef studies, underwater sculpture galleries, etc.) and industrial investments (such as the Burhaniye Chamber of Commerce Mixed Industrial Site). The chamber aims to contribute not only to trade but also to the development of local culture and tourism.

Since its establishment, the Burhaniye Chamber of Commerce has been a significant institution in the economic and social life of the region for a hundred years. Today, it continues to develop its services to its members and the local community with new projects determinedly.